Suburban Life

Been reading a lot of urban fantasy novels lately and am a huge fan of the genre. Mostly werewolves, shifters and fae. Couldn’t help but notice dragons don’t appear very often. Which was the first train of thought which led me to this particular painting.

It originally started out as a woman sitting on what was going to be a small staircase. Then the evolving started. First, the dragon, along with the shoes, coffee and mobile phone. Then the tennis ball. The rest flowed from there.

Digital painting created using Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter using a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. Photoshop brushes by Obsidian Dawn, Mèlanie Delon & Aaron Blaise used.

Decided to re-work the background in this piece July 2018.

Brinjen russell screenshot
Brinjen russell screenshot2
Brinjen russell wip 01
Brinjen russell wip 02
Brinjen russell wip 03
Brinjen russell wip 04
Brinjen russell surburbanlifeweb

December 2017

Brinjen russell surburbanlifeweb

Re-work July 2018.