Vampire Hunting

It had taken me most of the afternoon to get ready. I loaded myself up with all the silver I could find, silver spike rings, silver beads in my hair, silver gloves and of course, my silver handled custom wooden blade. To drive through that vampire’s heart.

I’m Eleanor Brunnert, I’m done with talking.

Created in Adobe Photoshop with a medium Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.

This work is also available for purchase on my Redbubble store...

Brinjen russell 001

Just the basics blocked in.

Brinjen russell 002

Worked on the woman only to begin with. Creating the major features.

Brinjen russell 003

Starting to refine the details on both the woman and the skull.

Brinjen russell 004

Going over the finer details.

Brinjen russell 005

Working on the background now. I tried out several ideas including more patches of grass.

Brinjen russell vampire hunter web

Finished work.

Vampire Hunting in Photoshop Speed Painting